You can find my fancy/schmancy speaking bio over on my Speaking page, but here are some fun facts about me!

faves & facts

Nicknames: M-C, Mimsy, McManing, McDempsey, Call
Favorite activities: anything on the beach, yoga and paddle boarding.
Favorite food: mexican (all day every day), boiled crabs, avocado (see first food listed)
Least favorite food: mayo, sour cream, ranch, cucumbers
Favorite teams: Ole Miss, LSU Tigers, Saints, UNC Tar Heels
Favorite Show: Ellen Show (Going to a taping is at the top of my bucket list, see below.)
Favorite season: Summer (I have a serious Target bathing suit addiction. A perk to loving your body: you love bathing suit shopping!)
Favorite city: New York City
Most grateful for: my two babies

bucket list

Change a life
Write and publish a book that will help others
Do a Ted Talk
Meet Brene Brown and Glennon Doyle
Go to an Ellen Show taping (CHECK!)
Host a Southern Smash event in another country
Travel to Bora Bora
Go on an African Safari

bayou baby

Born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana – GEAUX Tigers!
Sagittarius – December 7, 1981 (and I like long walks on the beach).
My family is a typical Cajun family – we are close, loud and love to eat and drink. Every day is a cause for celebration. And we love football.
My grandmother, GaGa, is my best friend and was Matron of Honor in my wedding.

school of rock plaid

I grew up in private Catholic schools – three cheers for penny loafers and plaid rompers!
I attended St. Joseph’s Academy (all-girls Catholic high school) and our mascot was the Red Sticker. No, not like a thorn, just a large red stick, which is even cooler.
I am still best friends with my high school friends, aka the GI Babes. Please don’t ask me why we thought it was cool to name ourselves that.
My senior year I was Marilyn Monroe in a Mardi Gras ball and rocked a killer wig.
I took classical piano for 13-years and taught myself guitar.

gone to carolina in my mind

When I was 9-years old, I attended Camp Green Cove. I went every summer for over 12-years.
Green Cove would ultimately shape and save my life. It was my sanctuary from life and my eating disorder.
My Green Cove girls are my tribe. We come from all over and still get together once a year.
I learned to sail at camp and can still rig (and sail) any boat.
Green Cove is and will always be my happy place.

 // blogs about Green Cove //

hotty toddy! gosh almighty!

I am a PROUD grad of Ole Miss – Go Rebels!
At Ole Miss, I pledged Kappa Kappa Gamma and went on to be PR Chairman and Social Chairman.
I met and eventually married my college sweetheart – Ole Miss golfer, Jordan Dempsey.
I am still best friends with my four roommates/sorority sisters.
My senior year, my husband and friends wrote ‘Geaux to Hell LSU’ on our roof and we made ESPN news.
My senior year I interned for Fox News Channel in NYC, living out my dream to become a big TV producer.
I took an extra football season semester to graduate (no shame in that!)
I graduated in December 2004 with a degree in Marketing Communications with an emphasis in Broadcast Journalism
My mom still has no idea what my major was.
One of my biggest regrets to date was not returning in May to walk at graduation.


After graduation, I took a job at PGA Tour Productions as a Production Assistant.
Jordan and I lived together in Jacksonville, struggling to make ends meet as he chased his dream of becoming a PGA Tour player and I made $11/hour as a PA.
In 2005, Jordan gave me my first baby – a yorkie we named Lola.
We were engaged in March 2006 and moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in September 2007, where I worked as a Marketing Manager at Cox Communications.
We continued to struggle financially, but saved money by grocery shopping at my parent’s house.
Jordan and I married on February 2, 2007. It was not the happiest day of my life. Today is.

rock bottom

Funny thing about rock bottom, you can turn it into an awesome spring board to push yourself back to the top.
In 2008, I discovered the sport of triathlon. While my eating disorder used it as exercise addiction, I would make some of the greatest friends, including one soul sister who played a pivotal role in my recovery.
Triathlon led me to treatment. I began outpatient treatment in July 2009 and met my therapist, Mary. I spent six years on her couch and am thankful for every minute.
I quit my job in August 2010, to work for BBR Creative, a boutique advertising agency. I knew it was my dream job. Life had other plans.
I quit BBR on November 29, 2010. Overwhelmed with feelings of failure and shame, I began the process to admit myself to treatment.

girl, interrupted

December 14, 2010, I entered the Carolina House.
My admit day was supposed to be December 13, but flight delays caused me to spend a night alone in a hotel. Delta and I have yet to make up.
I knew without a doubt treatment would be like the movie, Girl, Interrupted. I was wrong and slightly disappointed.
My biggest fear was art therapy and riding to town in a 15-passenger van. We did both my first day.
I met my Carolina House therapist, Christy, my second day. She was and will always be a main character in my story.
Insurance dropped me two weeks into treatment. Jordan and I would go on to empty our bank account – and my parents so that I could stay.
I stayed 81-days, discharging on March 2, 2011, vowing to pay it forward.

fast forward

I have two amazing and extraordinary children.
My daughter, Marjorie, was born at 27-weeks, weighing 1-lb/15-oz.
She was later diagnosed with neuroblastoma at 7-months old.
My son, Manning, is about to enter Kindergarten and is my hero.
I love to travel and my husband and I just took our first vacation to the Turks and Caicos.
We moved to St. Simons Island three years ago and are now moving to Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.
Jordan is a senior golf instructor at the PGA Tour’s TPC course.
Every day is better than the day before. Thankful for every minute.