NEDA Love.

I am beyond excited, beyond proud and simply beyond the moon to have a Southern Smash article in the National Eating Disorder Associations (NEDA) Making Connections magazine.  During NEDAwareness Week, Southern Smash received wonderful support from the organization.  Shortly after our Southern Smash: LSU event, NEDA asked me to write an article summing up our Awareness Week experience.  I was so honored they would think of me and could not wait to write the piece…it was another full circle moment in my recovery journey.

I’ve been a fan of NEDA for years.  The support and resources they provide for eating disorders are simply outstanding.  Before I was able to say the words ‘eating disorder,’ much less admit to having one, I would scour the NEDA website, reading Stories of Hope and relating to every word on the screen.  Deep down, I truly wanted to admit my struggles and find help.   Even though it would be years until I sought treatment, the NEDA site provided a sense of comfort that maybe I wasn’t ‘crazy’ and that one day I would be free from this illness.

Thank you NEDA not only for supporting Southern Smash, but for giving that lost girl hope all those years ago.

Read the full article here on page 17: NEDA Making Connections June 2013

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    Nancy Dempsey
    June 13, 2013 at 11:37 am

    I read the NEDA article. Very well written, I am so proud of my very special daughter-on-law. You’re doing good work! Give Manning a big kiss for his Nanny

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