• Posted on November 9, 2016 10:25 am
    McCall Dempsey

    I did not vote for you. I cried when I checked my phone at 3a.m. My heart hurts. Nonetheless, our great country is built on democracy. We must accept these results and move forward with hope, love and kindness. I will be honest, I am not (nor have I ever been) a politically junkie. I rarely read long political articles. Economics is a foreign language to me. I slept through those classes in college where widgets, supply and demand reigned supreme. What is a widget anyway? I have never identified strongly as a republican or democrat, left or right, red or blue. I actually hate politics and I have REALLY hated them this past year. The nastiness, the name calling, the Facebook rants from supporters, etc. It is just not who I am nor what I identify with. But what I did identify with this election was hope and equality. You see, Mr. Trump, I was born into a loving family, with parents who told me I could be anything I wanted to be. But the world (and men) around me said otherwise... "Forget a job. You just need to get married and make beautiful babies."  "Don't worry your pretty head about that." "You're so pretty. When are you going to have babies?" My body parts have been topics of conversation rather than my brain more times than I can count. I was always seen as a pretty face, a body, a sweet girl - rather than an intelligent human being with drive, passion and determination. I refuse for my daughter to be raised in a world that continues to see women in this same light. I grew up white, Catholic and affluent - a country club girl who always felt out of place.  Because of this, I feel it is my responsibility to help those who weren't born surrounded with the same privilege as myself. Therefore, I did not vote with my tax bracket. I voted with the hope and belief that women can (and one day will) be president and moreover, that people are just that - people, regardless of race, sexuality, country or economic background. My eyes do not see color or sexual preference. People are not gay or black or Jewish - they are people. They are my friends. They are people I love and people who deserve the same respect and rights as we do. Regardless of yesterday's election, I still believe (and will always believe) that LOVE TRUMPS HATE. And I pray, Mr. Trump, that you believe that too. I pray you will lead this great country with love, empathy and respect for every human being. Because in a world where you can be anything...please, Mr. Trump, please be kind. Sincerely, McCall Manning Dempsey  

    Equality, Love