The Mighty Online Contributor (2016) “Dream HUGE” (3.7.2014)

B.C. Provincial Eating Disorders Awareness Campaign (PEDAW) Guest Blog “Loving My Body In the Grey” (2.22.2014)

Women’s Health Magazine Online “Holiday Treats Gave me Panic Attacks” (2.10.2013)

Eating Disorders Online “Smashing the Scale” (Part I)/“Smashing the Scale” (Part II) (8.13.2013)


Golden Isles Magazine “Smashing Unhealthy Standards” (12.29.2015)

The Key of Kappa Kappa Gamma “How I Smashed the Myth of Perfection” (1.2.2014)

Making Connections, National Eating Disorder Association Publication “Paying It Forward” (pg.16-17) (Summer 2013)

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    Missie Oldner
    August 3, 2015 at 7:31 pm

    I enjoyed our short visit on the airplane from Ft. Lauderdale to Houston last week. A day has not gone by that I not held each of you and your family in my prayers. My prayers were for you and Jordan to have the a wonderful time together in Jackson Hole. A time to just love,laugh, and just “be.”
    God is already hearing many many prayers for this precious sweet baby Thursday and Friday. My arms are around both you and Jordan by being a Mother and Grandmother. As I sit typing this my chest hurts so much for all of you. No doubt our Lord will be by your side during this time
    I can not find the main email or web site I should be sending messages to you. I hope this will find you,
    May Our Lord always hold your family in the palm of his hand.
    Missie Oldner,

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