For the Love of Hollis

I sit at my desk this morning unable to work. My mind is cluttered with the C-word once again.

c a n c e r

Last week, a dear island friend and cancer warrior once again heard the c-word fall from her doctor’s lips. Lesions in her brain. At least three weeks of daily radiation treatments. The really horrific part is that she was already undergoing chemo for breast cancer.

You can read her EXTRAORDINARY story here: Critical Care Team Gives Young Mom Second Chance in Fight Against Cancer

If you ask anyone on our small island who Hollis Livezey Younger is they will tell you she is bravery personified. Her insanely strong faith and positive attitude is simply astounding and the bond she has with her precious daughter, Hayes, is unlike any other.


Hollis and I formed a bond through the nasty c-word. The funny thing is that we have only met once, but once was enough. We’ve sent many messages of prayers and love and tried many times to meet for a F*ck Cancer dinner where we can cry and scream together.

Today, as Hollis begins her first day of radiation, my heart is flooded with prayers and words of hope, but I know she is receiving endless encouragement. So this is what I want to tell you today my dear Hollis…

We all know you radiate positivity and courage. We see the fight in your spirit and the love in your eyes. My prayer for you as you embark today is for you to give yourself space to get angry, to scream out your signature F*CK CANCER sign off.

My faith is a quiet kind. I feel everyone’s faith path is different, but those close to me know I am grounded in prayer. I do not believe God gave Marjorie or Hollis cancer, but I believe He gave us the strength to thrive through and sends us angels on earth to help us in these horrific times – no matter what the outcome may be.

At the end of the day, life isn’t about pass or fail, cancer or no cancer, live or die…it is what we do in between. It is how we live, how we treat others and how we treat ourselves.

Hollis, you are a shining example of how to LIVE life! Thank you for being a star of hope in our community. I hope you feel the love radiating (see the pun I used there? 🙂 ) back to you ten fold.

To my amazing readers, please send your prayers and/or light to Hollis and her family. You all carried me through these past few years and I know your love and prayers can do the same for Hollis.

Marjorie and I are radiating PINK for you, Hollis! Today, I am screaming and signing off with your signature line:

f * c k  c a n c e r 


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