Southern Smash: Annual Report

106 Scales SMASHed

150+ Scale Tombstones (Sometimes you need more than one)

148 Smash Ambassadors

500+ Let It Geaux Tags Released

500+ Dare to Love Yourself cards given away 

2,496 Social Media Followers

365 SMASHing Days

But who’s counting?  Numbers do NOT define us and they certainly do not define our success.  It is impossible to quantify lives touched and seeds of hope that have been planted.

I set out on this wild ride to pay it forward, to hopefully impact just one person.  To give that one person a little hope and let them know they are not alone and that help is available.  Well, I think it is safe to say that the promise has been fulfilled ten fold.  Little did I know that Southern Smash would take off and the pay it forward promise would become my life’s work and mission.  Thanks to the many supporters and believers, Southern Smash has touched countless lives, mine included.

Never did I imagine I would have the strength, courage and drive to steer a movement like Southern Smash.  Three years ago at this time, I could hardly get out of the bed.  My body and mind were disappearing in a quick downward spiral.  I no longer had the energy to live, much less try to pretend I still had it ‘all together.’  Today, I find myself bouncing off the walls with energy.  Energy for MY life!  Not my eating disorder.  My life is imperfectly beautiful and I get to be who I am through and through.  And Southern Smash has A LOT to do with that.  With every message I receive and every SMASHer I meet, I am rejuvenated by the human spirit.  No matter where a person might be in their journey, I am touched and honored to hear their story.  I am reminded that we are bonded through this unique path of life – struggles and all.  I am inspired to continue being who I am and walking this (sometimes terrifying) path of authenticity and vulnerability.

I am filled with gratitude today and every day for all those who believe and support our mission and work.  Our success is because of each and every one of you; and for that I am forever grateful.

I guess our Annual Report really only needs two words: SMASHing SUCCESS.

Cheers to ONE YEAR…and to the many, many, many more to come.

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