Why I’ll Never Take Dirty Dishes For Granted

Why I’ll Never Take Dirty Dishes For Granted

Guest post written for Red Stick Mom’s Blog

“Sunday evening, I stood over a sink of dirty dishes and my eyes welled with tears. Manning, Jordan and Marjorie were playing in the living room. Giggles and happy squeals filled our house with noise. Happy noise. In that one moment as I stood over the kitchen mess, everything was good. Everything was normal: a dirty kitchen, loud children, toys scattered and a momma with a massively happy heart. I found myself overwhelmed with gratitude for the ordinary, the messy, the chaos.”

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  • Amy
    November 12, 2015 at 10:36 am

    This is beautiful. I am going through a very sad time right now and I needed the reminder to stop and look around at what I have. I have a remarkable baby boy and a husband who has seen me through my darkest hours. Thank you for spreading your light.