My Husband Saw Me Naked

[Guest Blog for Jacksonville Mom Blog]

Soapy suds ran down my naked body in the shower. I closed my eyes in an attempt at one minute of peace in my whirlwind life as a working mom with two babies.

No such luck.

“Honey,” my husband yelled as he swung open the bathroom door holding Marjorie. “Did you know the stovetop is loose?”

“Yes. Yes. I know it is. I will call the contractor.”

Jordan walked out and Manning entered a few minutes later showing me a truck I have seen (and picked up) a thousand times.

Sigh. So much for a few minutes alone.

I turned the shower off, opened the door, grabbed the towel and stepped out of the shower. Jordan and Marjorie reappeared this time trailed by our two dogs.

I stood before my husband naked as he went on telling me about his day, weekend plans and other non-important news. My thoughts had nothing to do with my body and everything to do with my desire to have a solid five minutes alone.

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    July 8, 2016 at 7:36 am

    Love this on so many levels.
    I STILL have issues in this same scenario. The dreaded shower and bed scenes.
    “Is he looking at me?” “WHERE is he looking at me?” “Let me put my hand over my belly or distract his vision…”
    I think “I” put more thoughts into his head than he ever came up with to be honest.
    He fell in love with the chubby girl nearly 15 years ago and has been on the roller coaster ride ever since. I am no longer the size 16 girl I was, maintaining at a size 8 (barely). He tells me he LOVES my curves when I complain about my body, the extra skin and scars left behind.
    The eternal lesson is ACCEPTANCE. Acceptance of our body and their love. Unconditional.